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Purchase & Contact Details

Most of my paintings are for sale, and new work is emerging all the time. Prices range from £90 for a pen and ink drawing to around £500 for a larger canvas.

Contact details

Tel: (020) 7226 2282

mob: 07956-306581

e-mail: please click here

I exhibit from time to time and the details of my exhibitions will be posted on the welcome page of this website, click here for details of my most recent exhibition.

If there is no current exhibition, I can arrange a private viewing for you to give you time to consider your purchase.

About me

I’ve spent most of my adult life as an artist disguised as a senior manager and Chief Executive in the charity sector, as well as a mother to three sons.

Now retired from full time employment, I've been painting for many years.

The artist in me started off wanting to be a textile designer, and you will notice that much of my work is textured and uses colour in a way that could become a piece of fabric. Like many other artists, I have had to learn to undo many years of conventional teaching, and also had to learn that some of that teaching had its own validity.

I paint because I need to. That need comes from a love of the creative process and the insights and gifts that the process of creating can bring. My inspiration comes from life events, feelings and emotions, ideas, and sometimes people and places and objects.

Much of my work is abstract and reflects the vibrant colours and energy of Latin America where I have lived and returned for visits several times.

My work tries to evoke the essence of the subjects – emotions, energy and feelings rather than a straight reproduction.

I began with acrylic on paper and card, and sometimes with gouache but I now work mainly with oil on canvas.

I have attended many courses and workshops and continue to do so, believing that the process of doing art needs as much support and reflection as any other form of practice. This is especially important to me given how many years I did not allow the artist in me to fully emerge.

For the past few years I have attended a studio based group with Michael Major which has given me a real boost of energy, confidence, and skill, and enabled me to discover the potential that painting in oils offers.

Original Paintings by an Abstract and Acrylic Artist based in the UK


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